Monday, April 6, 2009

Rules, necessary or no???

Before I really start using this blog, I felt that I should put a rule in place regarding any comments that people wish to leave. All comments need to be clean. That's profound, isn't it?

The reason why is really quite simple. For some time now, I've felt that the Lord has been telling me to be more 'active' as a Christian. To speak out, as it were. And I took the same route that Moses took. "Lord, I can't speak out. I don't know what to say or how to say it. Nobody is going to listen to me. I'm just another person on the planet with no influence."

And then He showed me the way. Several folks I know have blogs. I just hadn't seen His sign before. Sometimes I can be so blind to the direction He wants me to take. Or just to big of a chicken to admit I see it.

Some of the things I feel compelled to write about may be controversial and some people may not agree with the way I see things. Hence the rule...keep your comments clean. I don't mind a debate (although I'm not the world's greatest debater). And I am not afraid of differing opinions. I just don't want to have to over-moderate comments (assuming I can moderate comments).

I'm going to let anyone and everyone post comments, at least for now. If things get out of hand, I'll change the setting. I pray I don't have to.

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