Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 77 - Last day of cardio rehab

April 26, 2012

Okay, so its been a few weeks since my last post. I've got a couple really good posts started but they are stuck in the draft state. It seems I'm missing some pictures from my camera. A lot of pictures. So those two posts are stuck in draft state until those photos are found. At least for now. I kind of want the "Before" pictures to go with the "After" pictures. And there were a couple really cool "What the heck is this animal?" pictures as well.

So today I've got something else to talk about. More information about my recovery, as if you really wanted more. Hehe.

I go back to work full time in just a little over a week so today was my last day of cardio rehab. That gives me one week to get back to a work schedule of sorts. No more sleeping in until 8:30. No more staying up till 1:00 watching t.v. with Lisa. No like I'm retired. LOL (and here I am posting this at 12:30 AM. Hahaha)

I'll admit it will be good to get back to work, see my co-workers again. But today was a little
bittersweet for me at rehab. I've gone from feeling rather weak to feeling healthy. I owe Megan and Jim from Parkview Cardio Rehab a big thanks for that. They are the technician/therapists that have been in charge of my rehab routine. And they've been great.

Jim isn't really as short as he looks, he was sitting down at the time :)

I started my rehab at the Parkview on State Street until it was moved to the new Regional Hospital on Dupont. I've shown pictures from the new hospital in previous posts but I haven't shown any of the equipment I've been using at rehab. So how about I remedy that right now.
This is a NuStep machine. You sit and "walk" with your feet and hands. When I first started I used my feet only. My output was 33 watts the first time I did it. Today I finished with 120 watts using both hands and feet.

This is a treadmill. Most folks will recognize this machine. When I started I did 7 minutes at 1.5 mph with zero incline. Today I went 10 minutes at 2.9 mph with an incline of 2.5.

This is the beast. Yes, that's Beast. It's a Schwinn Evolution Comp Airdyne. When I first started rehab I did 7 minutes and reached level 1.3. That was legs only when I first started. Today I went 10 minutes at level 2.0 with my legs and 5 minutes at level 1.1 with my arms.

If there were only one piece of exercise equipment that I could have it would be an Airdyne. It works off of air resistance so the harder/faster you pedal, the more resistance/work you get. Or at least something like that. All I know is that this machine gets me sweating like nothing else. And gave my heart a good workout as well.

You might be asking where do I go from here now that I'm no longer going to rehab? Well, Parkview has a fitness center located only a few minutes from where we live. They've got all the equipment I used and then some. Lisa and I have toured the facility already and we plan on joining as a family next week. They will waive the application fee since I was at Cardio Rehab so we get to save a little money there.

We are also thinking about getting some exercise equipment here at home and converting Kristin's old playroom into an exercise room. It's not a real big space so we have to keep that in mind but I think we could get a few pieces that would compliment the exercise at Parkview Fitness.

Well that just about wraps up this post. The food pictures will return next time. I'm also going to try and put together charts of my progress at rehab from start to finish, if I can.

Instead of food this time I'll leave you with a picture of the water feature by the front entrance of Parkview Regional. It's inside the hospital rather than outside. I think it's pretty cool looking. And the sound of the waterfalls is awesome.


  1. I know it is like you said - bittersweet but it is great that you are feeling so well to go back to work. Praise the Lord!

  2. So are the pictures on your camera phone or regular camera. Glad that you are done with rehab. I have some branches that need chipped up Ha. Don;t know when we will have time for that. Yea it will take you some time to get on a schedule. When you retire you can sleep in till 9 or 10.

  3. Now will come the hard part of fitting the exercise into your schedule after you return to work. We have a Schwinn airdyne bike but it really looks different from the picture you showed. It is somewhat old but still works really well (when it gets used). Glad that you are doing so well.