Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 23 - Recovery

March 4, 2012

Thought I'd post an update on my incisions just so those of you who are interested and not freaked out by that stuff can see the progress. I'll post the incision pictures at a small setting. Maybe that will help not freak everyone out. Click on the picture to see it closer.

First, as I said a while back, all the dogs seem to be taking turns checking up on me. Here is Spring Hill taking her turn.

Next, I've got a picture of my arm incision. Most of the glue is gone and the incision is healing up nicely. Not sure if all the redness will fade but most of it should. Right now I can still feel a little "tightness" when I turn my arm a certain way thanks to the little bit of glue that is still there.

Last, I've got a picture that I debated not even posting. It's one of my chest incision. There are several scabs from when the incision was seeping blood after I came home. The scabs are stuck to the glue which hasn't all come loose yet. The glue is starting to let loose though so we've got good progress there. It still hurts when I laugh though.


  1. Looks like its actually healing pretty well considering the location of the cuts. -Ar

  2. Bet Sherryl will like those pictures

  3. Ar - Yeah, I'm surprised at how quickly both incisions are healing. Worst part about the chest incision is the itching, which strikes when I least expect it. Like last night in church. Took a lot of effort to not scream out "Arghhhh!!!" which would have probably freaked most of the members.

    Dad - I'm guessing Sherryl will pass on even following the link.

  4. The redness of the incisions should fade quite a lot with time, but it takes a while.