Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 36 - Food, Sun, and Fun

March 14, 15, & 16

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

The weather has been great the last few days. Lisa and I took the Greyhounds for a walk on Wednesday. The greys are so funny. The further we got from the house, the more tired they acted. And we didn't even go for a long walk. On the way back towards the house they both acted like they were dying. Lenny was so slow it was like he was 90 or 100. Spring Hill kept wanting to walk in the grass instead of the street. And then she'd get in the grass and almost stop in her tracks. Haha. What a laugh I got from them. Lisa wasn't laughing so much but those two greys are so dramatic you have to laugh at them.

We went walking again Thursday and Friday. Friday it got into the 80's. Not our normal March temperatures here in Indiana. Lisa and I went back down to the Dairy Queen after dinner to get a Blizzard (Friday). They are having a buy one get one for 99 cents special. Half of mine is in the freezer this morning waiting for me to finish it. We pass the Dairy Queen on our walks. It is maybe 1/8 of a mile from our house.

On Thursday Lisa and I drove up to Autoline in Butler, IN. I've been cleared by the doctor to work part time from home and I needed to talk to my boss Tony and pick up a few documents. It was great to see some of my co-workers that I've not seen in a couple months. I didn't get to see all of them but I will in time.

To answer Aunt Shirley's question: I've lost around 17 pounds from what I weighed in the hospital. But I think I gained a couple pounds while in the hospital so I'm not sure how much in all that I've lost. At least 12 and probably a little more than that.

I'll be posting a recipe (or two) real soon. Hopefully today but if not at least tomorrow. Have to get Kristin's recipe book so I can post the requested recipe.

The weather is beautiful again this morning. We have most of the windows in the house open, letting in lots of fresh air. The sun is shining and I'm inside typing a blog. ROFL.

Enough of that...on to the menu!

~ The Menu ~
Wednesday, March 14

I decided I wanted something different for breakfast on Wednesday so I fixed a couple eggs. They were supposed to be over-easy but didn't come out quite that way. Guess I'm not completely back to my old cooking abilities. I had a piece of toast, strawberries & blueberries, and juice with my eggs.

Lunch was a simple affair; a roast beef sandwich and tortilla chips.

For dinner Lisa fixed beef stew. I had that over a piece of bread and peas on the side. A glass of milk washed it all down.

Thursday, March 15

Cereal for breakfast. I forget which kind. We have four boxes of cereal open on the kitchen. Cereal is yummy.

For lunch Lisa and I went to this little Chinese/Italian place near our house called Orange Garden. We both ordered from the Chinese part of the menu. Egg drop soup and Rice noodles for me. Lisa ordered the Chicken and Vegetable platter. The servings were really big for lunch orders. We ended up with enough left to have Chinese for dinner (Kristin was at lab at dinner time).
Egg Drop soup

Rice Noodles with pork

Chicken and Vegetable platter with Fried Rice

Friday, March 16

Breakfast cereal again. Chocolate mini wheats. With milk of course. And some grapes on the side. No picture. I was hungry.

Lunch was simple again. A Rosemary Chicken entree. I had a chocolate cupcake for dessert. Kristin made these cupcakes and she says they are healthy. Taste too good to be healthy but I'll believe her.


Dinner was cheesy turkey with pasta, corn, milk, and bread & butter. I had a tangelo after dinner because I thought I was still hungry.


  1. Seeing all those pictures of food is making me hungry. It has been really great weather out here, too, but it is supposed to cool off probably tomorrow afternoon. Oh well, spring does officially start this week, and nicer days are just around the corner.

  2. I havent updated our blog I think all week . We have been busy here with taking pictures. Have one more day and then we are done Will try and update tomorrow sometime.

  3. I've been reading/watching your blog every day Dad. Don't worry about posting every day, just enjoy the rally and post when you have spare time.