Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 27 - Menu and recovery news

March 8, 2012

I'm going to combine both the menu and recovery posts today, mostly because I only have one picture for the menu. Hehe.

Breakfast consisted of a bowl of cereal while watching "Holmes on Homes" on the HGTV channel. Yup, I went real light on the breakfast this morning. It was a rehab day and we needed to get moving a little earlier so we didn't feel rushed like Tuesday. Not only that but we also wanted to eat lunch at Parkview so we really had to get moving earlier than Tuesday.

For lunch I had a Turkey Burger, Macaroni salad, and pickle spear at Parkview. I also got a Spinach Chicken Salad wrap to go.

Dinner was the Spinach Chicken Salad wrap and leftover Chicken and Noodles from the other day. With a glass of CranRaspberry juice. I had a Blueberry muffin for desert.

I had a decent day at rehab. Six minutes each on four different machines. All working the legs. Lisa and Kristin didn't feel like walking the track with me today so I opted to use the treadmill instead. That was the fourth machine.

I was able to increase the wattage output I had on each machine above Tuesdays which is a positive. Wattage is the measurement method they use at rehab. The more wattage, the more you "worked". I worked enough today to get a little sweat going. Not much as they don't want you to work too hard but enough to know that I was working. My blood pressure at the end was also very good. 102 over 65. All in all a good day.


  1. Way to go. So glad you are doing so good. See you guys in about a month or so

  2. Increasing your wattage eh? Always knew you were bright. * ba-dum-bum* -Ar