Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 26 - Recovery news

March 7, 2012

Today was another one of those days where I seemed "Sloooow".

The day didn't start that way. But as the day wore on it seemed as if I moved slower and slower. I know, I'm supposed to have days like this. It just always feels weird when I do.

It was most noticeable when Lisa and I went to the grocery. We decided to take a little walk at the strip mall where the grocery is located. It was a really nice day out with the temperature over 60 degrees so a walk sounded like a good idea. We got to the half way point from the grocery to the other end of the strip where we decided to turn around. Probably a good thing as by the time we got back to the car I was walking as slow "as a snail" according to Lisa. I could tell I was moving slow as I couldn't keep up with Lisa which isn't the norm.

After we got back home, I realized I needed a rest, something I have not been needing on most days. I reclined in my "bed" for an hour or so. I napped some. I snored according to Kristin. Guess I was tired, eh?

One good thing about the day. We found a used cardio treadmill at a store in the mall. After doing a little research online it sounds like this is a pretty good deal for a home treadmill. We're going back down to the store tomorrow or Friday and if it's still there we're going to go ahead and get it. We'll put it in Kristin's old playroom after a little cleaning in there. A home treadmill is probably just the thing to go along with my rehab.

I've got rehab again tomorrow. I'm hoping today's walk doesn't affect me tomorrow. I don't think it will if I get enough sleep. I just hope I don't sleep in late again. That always seems to put me in a funk of some kind. Maybe that is making me feel "Slow" as well. Hmm.

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  1. We've had a treadmill many years. You'll appreciate it especially when the weather is not good outside.