Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 33 - Critters, food, and my missing...

March 14, 2012

A few posts back I mentioned I was going to post a picture of my roommies. I am unable to sleep in the waterbed like Lisa so we had to rent me one of those electric reclining chairs. The kind that will also lift you out if you need the help. We had this chair put in the family room so we could close the door and keep the dogs from trying to jump on my lap. That isn't so much an issue now since I've healed quite a bit but in the early days of being back home it was definitely a concern.

Soooo, I've got these three little fellas I share the family room sleeping space with; Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. Yes, those are indeed rats in that picture. These are not the kind you would find roaming the streets though. They were bred in Ohio by Raffinhouse Rattery and their litter is registered with the North American Rat Registry. I plan on getting them individually registered with the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association this Spring.

They are all Russian Blue Seal Point colored. Alvin and Simon are black eyed Dwarves (they are about half the size of Theo). Theodore is a ruby eyed Dumbo (standard size but with really large ears). They are super friendly and very funny. They like to climb around like monkeys. LOL
Alvin and Theodore are on the bottom, Theo is the one on the left. Simon is on the top.

Yesterdays menu was fairly simple. Blueberry shredded wheat for breakfast. Tilapia, rice, and pasta for lunch. Fish sticks, green beans, pineapple, and milk for supper.

The temperature here has been great for outdoor stuff. It got into the 70's today. Made it so nice. I was able to go outside with Lisa and the dogs to get some fresh air. Lisa and I went for a walk in the afternoon as well. Again it was just around the neighborhood but it is so refreshing. And I know the fresh outdoor air does me a lot of good as I continue to heal.

Last but not least, sometime during the first couple weeks of being home I commented to Lisa about freezing my butt off in the hospital and I still seemed to be cold very often at home. Basically still freezing my butt off. She said that yes, I seemed to have lost my butt. Well, it's been several weeks since then and my butt has not returned so I guess we are going to have to head over to the hospital one of these days and visit every place I was where I may have lost my butt.

There's only a few places it can be: Cath lab, surgery, telemetry unit 3. Hmm, I wonder if it might be at the lost & found???


  1. I had been wondering how much weight you lost since you first went in the hospital...and not just your butt. Ha!