Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blog Reboot..Click, Click, Whirrrr!

Returning home from the hospital after my bypass surgery, I wanted some way to document my recovery. Some way to look back on the early days and see what kind of progress I had made over the course of the weeks and months.

And if perchance someone else could learn from my recovery, I wanted to place it where others could find it and read it. Something more than Twitter or Facebook (both of which I use). So I opted to reboot my blog that hadn't been used in over a year plus.

So here it is, a new background, a slightly revised layout, and for now, new purpose.

I took quite a while to find a background I liked. I finally choose this one because of what I saw in it. My guess it that it's a glass of wine with crackers but I saw something slightly different.

The glass is a glass of apple juice. This has become my favorite drink over the last couple days. It's refreshing, clean, and pure. It quenches the thirst and has just enough sweetness to make the palate sing.

The crackers are those baked kind that go "Snap!" when you bend them in half. Crisp, sodium-free, pure cracker flavor. Perfect for topping with some sun-dried tomatoes, thin sliced cucumbers, or maybe even a spinach dip/spread. I'll probably think of more things as I stare at the crackers :)

The doily is one of those doilies my Grandma's always had for keeping things off of the end tables. Makes a lot of sense to me as I grow older. Look at the picture and see. The doily is keeping the glass and crackers from damaging the table. And at the same time it is tying the images of the glass and crackers together without becoming the focal point of the image. Which Grandma's doily? That I'll have to think about :)

So there it is. My interpretation of the background I'm using. I didn't make the background but I sure do like it a lot.

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