Monday, February 13, 2012

T+4 - Recovery - Home

Home. If you had asked me before surgery if I would be home on day four of my recovery, I probably would have said "no". And yet here I am, at home. The place where my family dwells. The place where my little herd runs. The place where the rattie pack hangs out. The place where the Lord watches over us. He has brought me far. You have lifted me and my family up in prayer and he has listened. He has wrapped me in His Love and carried me through.

I was a little anxious coming home. With four dogs, and three of them at an age where they still like to jump on "Dad" to say high, I had some concerns with how they might react to my coming in the door. So we put together a plan.

Lynnard, our eldest Greyhound at 8, was left in the Living room. He does not get to excitable at his age except at dinner time. Spring Hill, our 6 year old female grey, was placed in the Family room, which is right off the Kitchen. The door was closed as she went in. The two smallest of the herd were placed in Kristin's bedroom in their cages. Safest place for them and me for the time being.

And then I was allowed in the house. Lenny was a good lad, coming up to me and wanting attention but without any craziness. Spring was the funny one when she was walked out of the Family room. She stared for a long time as if she wasn't sure what was expected from her. She did finally come over and let me scratch her ears. And then stared some more. Haha. Georgia was next. I heard her dragging and pulling against Kristin the entire way down the hall. Typical of the 50 pound American Bulldog mix that she is. She knew something was going on and wanted to see what. She sniffed at me a lot but did not try to jump on me. Kristin's Boston Terrier, Teddy Bear, was next. Ted is a bit hyper and protective but I thought he behaved himself well. I'm glad for that because even being the smallest at 22 pounds, he has enough weight to hurt my incision area and breastbone.

And it's snowing. I've told the Lord many times that I love His snow. I guess this is my coming home gift. How awesome is that. Home in time to stay inside and enjoy it :)

February 10, 2012

Snow as seen the next day, Feb. 11

Isn't it pretty?

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