Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 8 - Recovery

I found out today that according to my "in-house" dietician I am no longer allowed to eat an entire 12" Subway sub in one sitting. Sigh! I have to supplement my 6" sub with fruits and other side dishes that are good for me. I say this is mutiny! Tis a sad day when the captain is told he can no longer eat as he used to. Eh, I supposed I'll survive. hehe

I actually got to leave the house today. We went to the evening church service, then went to Target for a couple items, then Subway to get some subs for dinner. Oh man, it felt so good to get out of the house for a little while. And surprisingly I don't think it left me as worn out as I thought it might.

In other news, I mentioned a few days ago about a new "pet". Some of you might have been thinking I was talking about a fake pet, others might have been thinking "Oh no, not another pet". Well, this one isn't exactly fake but it isn't exactly ours either.

I was sitting at the kitchen table Wednesday morning with Lisa when I saw what I thought was a cat walking along the back fence. Except it had more of a waddle than a cat.

Pennsylvania has Punxsutawney Phil but we have Fort Wayne Freddy.

The cool thing about Freddy is we don't have to feed him. He goes out and finds food all on his own. He's been living under the shed for several months now but the only one of us here that had seen him was Lisa. We weren't even sure he was still around until this week. Geez, I hope he doesn't start coming up to the back door wanting to borrow coffee or anything. I'm not sharing my coffee :)

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