Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 5 - Recovery

Some of you may have read about the incentive spirometer I am using for my breathing exercises. When I first started using the IS at the hospital, I was lucky to reach a little over 500 ml. Now I'm reaching between 1750 and 2000. My goal is 2000 so I am getting closer to my goal. Thankfully.

There were a few days that I really felt an ache in my back when I used the IS. I'm not feeling that anymore either so it must be working.

The purpose of the IS is to clear your lungs and improve their functioning. It's intended to help avoid pneumonia.

The yellow plastic on the right side is my goal of 2000 ml
I don't think I've mentioned the really cool gift I got from my Mom & Dad, The Official Illustrated NHL History while I was in the hospital. This book contains information and facts about the NHL right from the very beginning of hockey in North America. That's before the NHL existed. I've already read a bit of this book and am really enjoying it. Thanks Mom & Dad. Love you both.

(It's was Dad's idea to get it for me. Guess he knows what I like to read. hehe)

What's in store for tomorrow? Well, I'm thinking glue and snake skin is up for discussion along with some pictures of our new "pet". Fortunately this pet isn't costing us anything. Stay tuned!



  1. This is nice but where is the day 5 menu? I feel kind of like i'm eating better vicariously. *said while drinking a mt. dew* -Ar

  2. I was late on the menu. Think I took a nap before posting it. And put that Dew down! Those are bad for u!!!

    You know something else weird? Your comment here shows up on the page while the others are hidden until i view them.

  3. Its cuz i have the 1337 h@x skillz111 -ar