Sunday, February 12, 2012

T-7 and counting - Heart Cath day through the day before surgery

I had my heart cath on January 30th. If they had found just partial blockage, I would have had a stent put in that day and been home a few days later.

What they found was that the right side looked good but my left arteries had several blockages. I would need heart surgery to bypass the two big blockages. Depending on availability of surgeons, my surgery would be on either Feb 3rd or Feb 6th. In the end, it was on Feb 6th.

All the rest of my time was spent eating three square meals a day, walking around the second floor of the Heart Institute, and watching TV. Part way through the week my daughter brought in her laptop so I could get online and talk to some friends about what was going on.

I visited with Lisa, Kristin, my parents, and Lisa's parents several times. I also had visits from family and friends beyond my immediately family. Lisa, Kristin, and I watched a couple videos the hospital had on what the procedure was and what to expect.

Every night they went home and I stayed. Stayed to have my heart monitored. My blood slicked and smoothed to run through my body and keep the pain away from my heart. Stayed to wait for an opening for surgery.

And every night the Lord Jesus stayed with me. To watch over me. To carry me. To uplift me. To ease my pain.

And then it was time. Surgery was to be on Monday, February 6th. I sent just about everything home with Lisa and Kristin, keeping my Livestrong wristband and wedding band. I took a special shower before bed, took my meds, and went to sleep. Tomorrow was T-0, the day of my surgery.


  1. You are doing great on publishing your blog. Not sure if I want to go through it again. But it is interesting. Mom is even reading it. Get well soon and take care. It is a little cool today but warming up to 80 by Wed. Love you Mom and Dad

  2. Hi Gary I found your link on your dad and mom's blog (we follow them)..we have been sending prayers your way since day one and its nice to see that you are recovering nicely and blogging..take care and a speedy recovery to you!!!

  3. Thanks Dad. love to you and Mom as well.

    Elaine, thank you so much for the prayers. They mean a lot to me and my family.